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DPR Acrylic Finishes

A hard wearing low maintenance acrylic finish is applied over the basecoat and primer to create a bright and attractive finish. It comes in a choice of textures, and an endless choice of colours.

(Note: Colours will not display accurately online, so please contact us for a sample colour chart if required.)

The aggregate used is 100% white marble to give a hard wearing surface that will hold its colour and provide a high resistance to dirt and pollution.

Download PDF (Parex DPR Standard Acrylic Finishes)
Download PDF (Parex 311 DPR Coating & 312 Textured Coating)

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Parex Acrylic Finish

Spraystone/ Cerastone/ Tuffstone Granite - Specialty Stone Finishes

These are attractive multi-coloured wall and detail finishes for interior or exterior applications. They are made from naturally coloured aggregates in a clear polymer binder to mimic natural finishes such as granite, sandstone, limestone etc.

Download PDF (Parex 630 Cerastone & 632 Spraystone & 634 Tuffstone Granite)

Manufacturer's website (Parex)
Further technical information

Parex Cerastone