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There are 3 main types of Insulation boards used in EWI systems.
All 3 are mechanically and adhesively fixed.


This Insulant will give the best U-value for thickness of board ratio. With a Phenolic insulation thickness of 70mm, you can achieve a wall U-value of 0.25 exceeding current regulations.

Download PDF (Kooltherm K5 EWB)

Manufacturer's website (Kingspan)
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phenolic insulation


Expanded Polystyrene requires 120mm to achieve a wall U-value of 0.26. In some cases this can cause problems at windows and soffits, but please contact us for further details on this product.

Download PDF (Aerobord General Information) Download PDF (Aerobord Original EWI Panels) Download PDF (Aerobord Platinum EWI Panels)

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EPS insulation


This mineral fibre board can also be used but can be expensive for retrofits and has some workability issues. Please contact us for further details on this product.

Download PDF (Rocksilk Krimpact Facade Slab)

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Rockwool Insulation


KORE Products are available in two grades of material, original white polystyrene and thermally advanced silver Neopor polystyrene. KORE Silver can achieve the same insulating performance as the original white insulation with up to 50% less raw material. Graphite flakes, responsible for reflecting heat radiation gives the product its distinguishable silver colour and superior insulation properties.

Download PDF (Kore White Polystyrene) Download PDF (Kore Silver Neopor Polystyrene)

Manufacturer's website (Kore)

Rockwool Insulation